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If there's one thing a prosecco filled, festive drunk girl doesn't want at the Christmas party, it's lipstick smudged all over her face or a shiny forehead from the sweaty shapes being thrown on the dancefloor. Fear not, I have you covered. Or rather surprisingly, Joan Collins has you covered!

She's a diva, a classic beauty guru and a woman of many talents, one of them is the cosmetics line she has created inspired by the power of women themselves, Hollywood glamour and Art Deco. 

The packaging of this lipstick and powder Compact Duo* is for sure inspired by all of those things. While it's super light to carry in my bag or pocket, it's also a bold gold in colour, luxurious looking and comes with the softest sponge.

The powder in the duo is a standard shade for all yet somehow completely matches my skin. It's skin responsive powder, which I'm sure means it blends itself well to most skin tones. I usually wear two different colours of foundation and this has matched to both!

The puff sponge inside is just the right size to pat a little powder onto my nose, chin and forehead when I need to and surprisingly doesn't make a mess. I've dropped this once (oops) and it didn't crack. Give it time!

Each compact comes with a lipstick that is super moisturising and hydrating. It doesn't dry my lips out or dry on the lips which isn't good for me as I'm forever pulling hair out of my face, but with a little powder on the lips then another layer of lipstick it stays well. 

The colour of this one isn't quite for me, it's too bright but after taking a look at the deep red shade 'Amanda' and dusty pink of 'Marilyn', I would totally purchase a separate lipstick (which also clicks into the compact)! The compact is really high quality product which is what you should expect.

Look how pigmented the lipstick is! This was one swatch. It stains a little when you take it off but only for a while and like any good lipstick. This lil' compact has been coming everywhere with me, I just wish that my other lipsticks would fit into it too!

For the price of £34.00 it's a little on the expensive side, but I'm hoping that Joan Collins can make as big a name for her beauty brand in the industry as any of the already established brands. This really is great quality product, such a brilliant idea (why didn't I think of this first) and you can even get a summer duo if being matte just isn't your thing.

As always, the make-up featured on here is cruelty-free! The product even contains synthetic beeswax instead of the real thing so you know it's vegan too. I'm soooo happy to see brands new and old turning to a cruelty free ethic!

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Do you have anything like this in your bag?

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*this post contains products sent to me for review. All words and opinions are my own!

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