What I Got for Christmas

The jingling festivities are over for another year (cryin') and I've been stalking everyones blogs to see what they got for Christmas. Since I've enjoyed reading these posts so much I thought I'd do a little one myself for people who like me, are nosey as hell. Firstly I don't want this post to be seen as bragging, it's purely written because I looooove reading hauls and I'm hoping you do too!

Not all of my gifts have been included (for any family members reading this who might be offended), just the ones that were in an arms reach when I decided to take photographs and some I've been using everyday. One gift that I've been wearing down already is my fluffy santa socks with a little plushy santa face on (adorable).

Pictured above is Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II, Lock-it Foundation in shade Light 46, Avon Gel Shine polish and the amazing Shade & Light Palette. I've been wanting this for so long and my mum kindly got me it! It really lives up to the hype and you can expect a review with some tips in the new year.
Wearing Lock-it Foundation & Shade and Light palette

Traditionally every year my sisters and I get a calendar. I'm not sure who illustrated this one but I absolutely love it- every month has a different inspiring quote done in chalkboard typography! I'd asked for some new drawing inks since the last box I owned was given to me a few years ago and they'd all been used up. Windsor and Newton are my absolute favourite for inks and watercolours.

Gifted to me by my auntie are some Moz Brush Pens which I used in the illustrations in my 'How to Declutter Your Life' post. They run so smoothly and surprisingly don't go through paper of even the thinnest gsm which is crazy since they're so pigmented and colourful!

Would it be Christmas without some Lush products? I've still not got over my love for Lush's Dragon Egg bath bomb which I tried a year ago, then surprised me inside my stocking this year. It has popping candy in it. How amazing!! I've also raved about the R&B hair mask before- santa knows me well. The Sugar Plum Fairy lip scrub is literally good enough to eat as it's made of sugar and oils, tasting of plums and berries. *heart eyes emoji*

Something I never expected to own were these adorable enamel pins from Punky Pins! Since I was little I've been hilariously obsessed with all things alpaca and llama so I squealed a bit when I unwrapped these pins. Praying to the art gods that none of these pins fall of my backpack!

I also got a few books this Christmas. Girl Boss by Sophia Amaruso and The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying graced the stocking this year and I've already started them both. Perfect for inspiration, both books are quite 'heavy' in terms of material- the Tibetan Book is all about learning how to live in the moment, being grateful and delightfully prepared for the imminent death that will meet us all one day (I told you it was heavy) and Girl Boss is really what it says on the tin. So far they're both brilliant.

Also from Punky Pins and part of my daily attire at the moment

This beautiful choker was given to me by my dad and stepmum. It's not too heavy and glitters in the light. Feeling a lot like royalty when I wear it, as a plus it goes with pretty much everything I own! It's such a lovely gift and something I'd definitely have bought myself coming across it in a shop. 

Like I said earlier there are so many lovely, thoughtful gifts that haven't been included here such as vegan chocolate and the worlds cosiest slippers. I feel so spoiled and grateful this year and all years! Seeing family was a highlight of the festive season too as being away at uni can get tiring and lonely sometimes, so it meant a lot to me to be able to spend a whole day with the people I love and miss. Hope you all enjoyed the festive season!

How did you spend Christmas? What was your favourite gift? 

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