Important Mantras to Take Into 2017

At this time of year, naturally I think a lot of us do a little 'soul searching'. December is a time when a people begin to reflect on the past year; on where we are and where we want to be, where we were at the beginning of this year and where we're ending it, who we're ending it with. Seriously, how did we get here 2016? It's been a hell'uva ride.

I've been doing a little 'soul-searching' myself lately, leading to the blatantly obvious connection that everything I have ever done has got me to where I am today, (neither entirely good nor entirely bad! ) hooray me. It means that all of the tiniest decisions I have ever struck a match to have landed me here, writing to you from my bed on a Sunday night. But I've been asking myself where I want to be this time next year and instead of sitting on my ass and saying I will (a common behaviour for me this year, oops) I've been connecting those thoughts and ideas into ways that will actually get me there.

Sometimes all it takes to be where you want, whether that's a physical place or a mental place, is a little determination and self belief. For example, this time next year I want to have been more positive. I'd love to see more of the world and be selling my art again, doing commissions for amazing little companies (or have my own line of products), fingers and toes crossed for a graduation in July!

With the help of a few mantras (in the least spiritual sense, more of an EVERYDAY reminder to stick with some drive and determination), here's how 2017 could be the year we finally get to say 'hey, I did it'.

Know that you can do it
Beginning with the most cliché one... getting it out of the way, believe in yourself! It's as simple as that. Repeat to yourself everyday if you have to, that you can and WILL do it. If you're saving up, believe that by the end of the year you WILL have saved up and make little efforts everyday to do so. If you believe you can get a first in your degree, you might indeed if you know that you CAN. Try your best to have faith in yourself and whenever you doubt yourself remember a time that you did well.

Stop beating yourself down
2017 has gotta be the year you stop comparing yourself to others, wishing for unattainable things and start striving in the belief that you can do whatever the hell you put your mind it. How can anybody appreciate you and your work if you don't? There's only one of you in this whole universe and there only ever will be. Don't deprive the Earth of what you have to offer. You HAVE what it takes! Tell yourself this until you know it.

Stay in the present
It can be tempting to hunt for shortcuts to your end goal but believe me taking the long way around is more worthwhile. Don't think so far ahead everyday that you lose the present moment, and always forgive yourself for past slip ups. Every minute can be a new start (but lets not go crazy).

Your decisions are your stepping stones
Deciding to get naked and grab a towel gets you closer to the end goal of having a shower, or avoiding gym room embarrassment. Choosing to e-mail back a client gets you a little closer to a job or at the least a contact. On a smaller scale, deciding to meet up with your friends or go to a new class brings you closer to a larger social circle, new friends and new opportunities. 

You never know which decision will start a chain reaction to getting you to that dream life. Choose passionately and instinctively, because they all add up. 

Taking chances can be a good thing
Try new things. Go the full Jim Carrey and say yes to any half-decent opportunity thrown your way! It might not be what you want right now but different experiences always come in handy in the future, even if it's simply being able to say that you went for it. The more experiences you invite in, the more opportunities will arise from them! Sort of like new branches on trees making room for new leaves. 

If 2016 has been your best year ever then YOU GO GLEN COCO, good for you! What's your secret? It's perfectly okay to need a little help sometimes and a kick up the butt to get you going, unless you're some kind of super human and one kick up the butt at birth has kept you going for your whole life. Let me know where you want to be this time next year, or if you're exactly where you want to be.

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