Boohoo x Village Hotel Espa Experience | #WeAreSS17

Last week Boohoo SO kindly treated north-west bloggers to a couple of hours at the poolside of Village Hotel in Warrington, for relaxation, pampering and prosecco. The last time I visited a spa was when at about 17 years old with my mum in Whinfell Forest (one of my most favourite places for a long weekend away, I'm forever talking about this place and wishing I could go back) so when Boohoo's invited popped up in my e-mails I got so excited! 

If you read my last post you'll know that the past couple of weeks have been super stressful. I've been working my lil' butt off on a few different projects, so this was just the thing I needed to destress and set me up for a more relaxing weekend.

We started the night, prosecco in hand and met each other properly for the first time. I'd spoken to Lily (jolihouse) before but hadn't met her in person which seems strange looking back since we live in the same city! I also chatted to Anna (dontcrampmystyle) a lot and Claire (whowhatclaire), who were all amazing. I can't wait to see them again soon!

Arriving at the changing rooms we were given complimentary lockers, robes, flip flops and towels. For some reason a robe at the spa is always more comfortable than a robe at home, right?! We had an hour to chill so took advantage of the hot tub - all nine of us squeezed in in our Boohoo bikini's and enjoyed the bubbles, leaving no room for other hotel guests... oops! 

Excuse the messy look!

Swimming is something I've not done in a long time either so bobbing about in the beautifully clear (not to mention nicely warmed) pool with Anna for a while made me feel suuuuper. There's nothing more relaxing than literally all weight being lifted from you, being able to just float for a while, not focussing on day-to-day worries.

Silly me forgot to mention that I was vegan so I didn't pick up any nibbles, although they all looked and smelled great! Amy (amyelizabethfashion) is celiac and at last minute notice was provided with a gorgeous bowl of cooked veggies and walnuts which looked freakin' incredible. Who knows, that may have been vegan but thankfully I'd eaten beforehand and prepared a slow cooker meal which was waiting for me when I got home (damn it was tasty). After nibbles and more complimentary bubbly we sat down for an Espa facial!

Rockin' a Boohoo skirt and shoes

Usually I'm self conscious about taking make-up off around people, especially when we've just met(!) but the whole evening was so relaxed that after chatting for a while, I felt like I'd known these gals for so much longer and didn't really mind. 

We were shown how to use five of the Espa products in a regime for an easy at-home facial, fully kitted out with hot flannels and purified water. Make-up hasn't touched my face since doing this because it felt so refreshing!

My favourite product, I think, was the intelligent Promoisturiser which activates only the ingredients personally needed for your skin. For a product that worked differently on everyone, we were all so impressed! The consistency was quite like thick yoghurt, so you only needed a little and to my elation all of the products were natural, vegan and cruelty-free

Lately I've noticed so many amazing brands becoming cruelty free and can't tell you enough how happy this makes me. We don't need to hurt animals for our skin!

At the end of the night we were gifted with goodie bags holding samples of every product, so keep your peepers peeled for an at-home facial post soon! Boohoo treated us to bikinis and a Unicorn Brush set each (they look SO CUTE and I can't wait to try them out)! You can also find the bikini I wore here.

Sending alllll my love to the gals at Boohoo and Village Hotel for having us, this really was the mini retreat that my mind and skin needed this week. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening and the opportunity to finally meet up with some lovely NW bloggers!

Have you ever been to a spa? What was your experience like?


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