Dealing with Choosing and Losing Furry Friends

You've met Mylo, right? He's my pooch and one of my best friends, as sad as that sounds, he really does mean the world to me! I know I mean the world to him because my family and I are all he has, that's why it's important to choose wisely when you're thinking of getting a dog.

I remember the first day we saw Mylo, he was in a video online with his little brothers and sisters at a farm in Burnley. He's a cockapoo who are known for being people loving, easily trainable, small and hypo-allergenic dogs that fit perfectly into family life. He's quite at home in our family of six (my nephew is the latest arrival!) as we chose a Cockapoo because we knew it could work.

One of the main reasons dogs are given up is because their owners can't handle their temperament or simply don't have enough time on their hands to walk and play with their pup every day. In 2015 the RSPCA (only one company who shelters homeless dogs) found a home for 47,651 animals in the UK and although this is so great, it makes me sad that people don't just do their research and plan before adopting a pet so that less pets have to be rescued or rehomed.

The team over at PuppySpot have put together this flowchart to help potential dog owners choose a breed that's right for them and will fit perfectly into their lifestyle, like Mylo does with mine. Even if you're not thinking of getting a pup yet, it's pretty interesting and makes me fantasise about adding another puppy to my life *hint hint mum* though I think Mylo prefers to be the centre of attention haha.

One day when I kit out a place that's totally my own, there's a 100% chance that I'll be adopting a furry friend!! I can't imagine life without Mylo sleeping on my bed of a morning or sneaking him treats under the table so the thought of ever giving him up sucks.

I know this because I've been through the experience of having to give up two very, very much loved dogs before, Alfie and Pippa. They were cared for by my dad and as he had to work more shifts (he's in the police) he was less able to spend the time with them that Collies need. 

They needed a lot of exercise and were taken up the hills of the Lake District on weekends but eventually it didn't cut it, it became unfair for them to be cooped up during his long 12 hour shifts. It was a difficult decision to pass them over to the Wainwright shelter in Cumbria, a wonderful place that finds loving homes for pets. I cried for three whole hours (none stop, it was like grief!) but knowing that the right thing to do was giving them to someone who could provide the exercise and love that a Border Collie needs still makes me feel better- but I wouldn't wish the feeling of giving up a pet on anybody!

Alfie, 2009
I hope this has encouraged you in choosing the right furry friend and I just know that whoever you choose will love you even more than you love it! 

Do you have any pets? I'd love to hear about them, or send me a photo @sarahjdocker   

*This post was requested by puppyspot but all words are my own. this is very close to my heart!

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