Things That Keep Me Sane | Sunday Post #15

Listen up! I've become a pro at steering clear of stress-induced insanity and using everyday comforts as a crutch, so I'm here to share with you my vices at the moment and things I'm currently obsessed with. If you want to join me on the quest for everyday happiness, keep reading...

Lets start with tea. 

Ahhh tea, my old friend. While I'm tapping away on my keyboard or painting my butt off in the studio I take regular breaks to either 1. Dream of tea when there's none around or 2. Make myself a steaming afternoon cuppa. After enthusing about Pukka, I decided to give Teakruthi a go and my favourite blend at the moment is Blissful Harmony, a mix of white and black teas. I believe it's lightly caffeinated but the white tea is super soothing and black is very comforting (not to mention good for you and delicious). 

Above: Lemon Candy, Oolong Green, White, Blissful Harmony, Cinnamon Chai

I've also been writing a journal.

Sometimes a gal just needs to share her thoughts in a place that isn't going to be seen by anybody else. For me, it's a beautiful journal that I got for Christmas one year. I don't necessarily keep it everyday, just when the mood strikes or I'm feeling overwhelmed by an emotion- whether that be happiness or sadness - both are as strong as each other and sometimes too much for me to keep locked up inside my head!

It really helps me to unwind especially at the end of the day or during my mid-afternoon slump, so I try to keep it handy. 

Fiction is fun

As a kid I was a huge bookworm, just ask my mum *pushes up glasses, sniffs*. I read all of the Harry Potters as soon as they came out, starting at the age of 7, then my love of reading slowly trailed off after I discovered the internet and Club Penguin. I told you in this post about the two books I've been reading lately- both aren't quite finished yet but they're incredible if escapism, or mindful reflection is what you need sometimes.

I eat, therefore I am

If you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram you might have seen a lot of raving about our new slowcooker. I say 'our', when really it belongs to Alex, but I've grown so fond of throwing everything in a bowl and having it ready in the evening that it's become an adopted everyday item. Good food is soul food, and soul food keeps me going. 

I make sure to eat as much as my body needs and listen to the cravings I have! Since overcoming an eating disorder, food is something I love to explore and make the most of. I've also been great at drinking lots of water lately, woo hoo!

Yoga, Yoga, Meditation

Pilates has always been my favourite type of exercise (aside from sleep, that counts... right?), but lately I've been giving yoga a try. The thought of improving my body only using my body has always appealed to me, and I've discovered that my body feels incredible after Yoga. It slowly improves my flexibility, being asthmatic it's not too hard on the lungs and my circulation has definitely gotten better over the last few weeks. 10/10 would recommend it.

Before bed I do a little breathing exercise / meditation to calm me down and take my mind away from the worries of the day, more recently I've been getting up an hour earlier than usual instead of sleeping the day away! Soaking up as much daylight as I can makes me feel so much better. Here's a couple of tips by Leesa, an online mattress company, to help you become more of a morning person too!

What are your vices? Do we have any in common? I'd love to hear them :)


*Teakruthi sent me these teas to try out, but all opinions are my own! p.s: 'Lemon Candy' is my second favourite! Super refreshing.

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