8 Photos of Happiness

My first tag! I was tagged by Helena's Teabreak a week or two ago in her 8 Photos of Happiness. It's taken me this long to choose just eight of them! I even got out the old hard drive and rooted through the photos on there but came to the conclusion that these more recent photos make me happiest, maybe just because the memories are still pretty solid in my mind.

The rules:
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  • Post your 8 photos of happiness;
  • The photos can be anything that represents a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy.
  •  Pop in a brief description of the photo, why you chose it or let the photos do the talking!
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  1. Walking Langdale. This was taken at the top of a hill (I can't remember which!) that my mum, auntie, cousins, sisters and dogs hiked in May this year. I hiked it in heeled boots because I didn't know we we going on a walk, pretty proud of that feat! We visited a little lodge by a river that my auntie had rented out for a week and caught up with the whole family. Theres little more I love than feeling free and standing on top of a windy fell with the world below me is something that will always make me smile.
  2. 2002, I believe. Sledging in the street. From the 'lego jackets' to the slope that doesn't look half as big now as it did then, this picture makes me happy. My sister is the one in the from and  I'm the one in the back. More than anything, the helmets make me laugh! Some of the best wintery memories of mine are sliding down ''the hill' (not a hill at all) with my little sis.
  3. Ah, peaceful. I guess I associate happiness with being free because that's the main reason that this photo makes me happy! It's actually of my friend Sophie, taken last summer on a super hot day when we spent a day in the lakes (literally). Swimming in Fell Foot then heading to Coniston with a load of friends before we all left for uni a month later. It was one of the most memorable days of last summer! See a couple more photos of this day on this post.  
  4. CAMDEEEEEN! In January a bunch of my best, best buds and I went to London for a few nights and stopped in Hammersmith. I got to take my boyfriend to Camden for the first time where we ate street food and had beers on a roof. This is all of us before we lost half of us on the tube. We found our way back home eventually!
  5. November 2014, after saving up for weeks in summer I treated Josh to seeing his idol SLASH in the flesh for the first time! Not going to lie, I enjoyed the experience pretty much the same as he did. We got to the very front and had picks and confetti thrown over us at the end. Josh described it as "Like seeing Batman in real life. Not Bruce Wayne or Adam West but real life Batman. You know it's real but it shouldn't be."
  6. Centreparcs, in March this year. This photo was taken when Josh and I strayed from the path and went exploring in the woods. I always feel so at home in the wild haha. We spent the weekend with him, his family and a huge group of friends at a lodge in Whinfell forest. I got to shoot arrows at archery for the first time, have a huge stack of pancakes for breakfast and copious amounts of Bucks Fizz by the pool. Every year I look forward to going again. Seriously hoping Josh doesn't fob me off so I can go next year too ;)
  7. Of course there was going to be one of my dog! Duh. He's my furry best bro and we do everything together when I'm at home. He even busts down the bathroom door in the mornings when I'm on the loo. This is him having a nap in my arms.
  8. Download Festival 2014! By this point in the festival we were very drunk and very stinky. This is another group of the best people I know and one of the best times with them! While we were doing beer bongs, a guy with a cool cowboy hat came up to us and we made him down a pint- he then took this photo of us all on his phone and walked off. Somehow he managed to find one of our friends on Facebook a few weeks after the festival and sent us this photo! Happy times.
If you do this post then let me know! I'd love to see your photos of happiness. Are there any memories you wish you'd got a photo of but didn't?
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