Robbing a bank with the Joker/MCM Comic Con

Stick a stamp on me, I'm officially a comic con approved nerd. If you didn't already know, my boyfriend (also writer) and I have been working on a comic for a good year or more now and were funded by Ideas Tap to print it and take it to conventions. On Saturday we took ourselves to Manchester to make connections and fangirl over real life superhero's.

The queue was like a parade and I'm pretty sure that the only costume I didn't see was a Nintendog. I'm gutted that I didn't dress up as I love any excuse to look a acceptably, explicably crazy for a day but I've been too busy to make a costume lately! Next year *shakes fist*. The irony of talking about Transformers in my last post and seeing real life Bumblebee from Transformers at Comic Con made me giggle more than it should have, and fangirl even more. We saw so many Harley Quinn's, old and new, a good few Jokers and I even got to rob a bank with the Joker's friends. Not really, but they were pretty cool.
We caught up with our favourite graphic-novelly friends, Twisted Dark, and Neil let us into an awesome secret which I won't disclose here (but you should definitely follow them to find out in due time) and met a load of cool artists and writers, so many that I actually can't remember the names of them all. All I know is that my macbook is now speckled with cool stickers and that I have more zines and comics to add to my collection! My favourite zine of the day and new discovery being from Childish Butt-Vomit who you can check out here.  We queued for a while to be drawn as a sloth by them but then were drawn in by the hilarious, crude comics, unforgettable!
With a tummy full of hotdog (I don't actually really like hotdogs) we touched swords (lol, samurai swords) and I fangirled over the mountains of Totoro merch that I couldn't afford. However I did purchase a few Kick-Ass comics, glossing over the crazy items that I might get for Josh for his birthday- watch this space sir. 
It was such a great day and I'm so glad we got the chance to attend! When we got home, I got dressed up and went to a friends 21st where we all shouted to Tenacious D songs and got acceptably, explicably drunk. What a day, eh? :)

Have you done anything or been anywhere awesome in the last week? Let me know if you're going to any of the comic con's this year or next and I'll meet up with you!
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