Make-up: Rose Goldrush

Summer seems to have opened it's doors to us and everyone's coming out to play. With the warmer weather comes a warmer skin tone (for the lucky ones) so I built this look using warm pinks, golds and browns from the Naked 2 Palette and MakeUp Revolution's Redemption Palette. 

As a general rule I always apply a light moisturiser with SPF and vitamin E to my face before applying make-up or mixed in with my foundation, keeping the moisture locked in no matter how hard the sun beats down. For this look I also used a drop of Babyskin Primer by Maybelline on my nose and eyelids.
I applied Chopper (yes I know I've hit pan quite heavily) to the outer and inner corners of my eyes before brushing Half-Baked across the top of the lid. I then took the darker pink and medium brown in the Revolution Palette to the crease, giving my eyes more depth. I tend to use Foxy and Bootycall as highlighters but sometimes my skin takes one better than the other. 
I filled my eyebrows using L'oreal's Brow Artist, a Kajal Liner and finished them with L'oreal's Brow Artist Plumper. I swear by the Brow Artist range, so so good and my brows have even stayed in tact in the shower and at Download Festival with these products (it was hot and rained A LOT). After clearing the excess eyeshadow from under my eyes I apply foundation and powder lightly to my t-zone. I never really put foundation on my forehead or chin as I don't want spots and my skin is a pretty even tone there anyway. 
After bronzer, mascara and eyeliner (always Avon's Super Extend pen, though I'm dying to try Kat Von D's tattoo liner in Trooper!) you're pretty much done. I always use a light brown pencil eyeliner to darken the inner corner of my eye. This gives a cat eye kind of vibe but also makes your eyes look less 'harsh'. I'm also currently trialling MakeUp Revolution's Pro Fix setting spray which is so far so good! It smells lovely, keeps my make up where it should be and isn't oily at all. 

Let me know if you liked this look! Do you have a favourite brand or product you'd recommend?

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  1. Well don't you just look gorgeous! I still can't get over how badly you've hit pan on your Naked 2!

    Emma x
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