Life Lately: End of an Era?

The past few weeks have been a bit of a rollercoaster, a literal ride between my home town and the city where I study, between graduation parties and helping my boyfriend to move out from his house I've felt a little stretched- as much as I enjoy doing it.

Quite a few huge events have happened the past two weeks; shortly after the Retro Rendezvous festival last week, my boyfriend and I finished the comic book that we've been working on for the past year (or more, at intervals). It's been quite the journey from an idea we had before I entered the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in 2013 with a piece of comic art I'd made illustrating his writing, to the full 28 pages of art, poetry, flash fiction and short stories that it is now!

We were funded £500 by Ideas Tap and honestly we couldn't have afforded to get it off the screen never mind the ground (see what I did there, uhuh) if it weren't for them!

Last week we drew up and edited the final pages. It was so surreal to hold the proof in my hands. It's been so insaaaanely long coming that I felt a mixture of relief and happiness when I knew it was finished. All being well, the PDF will be off to the printers next week! We just started a twitter page which you can check out here.

One exciting thing after the other, Josh graduated the other day! Josh and I have been together since he was in his second term of 1st year- I've seen him go through every year of his degree so it was an awesome experience seeing him in a cap and gown. Made me excited to graduate myself even though its another two years off! We went out for a meal with his family and got to dress up all posh. I had to put tape over my boobs (SELLOTAPE *facepalm*) as I left it too last minute to get a stick on bra.

A dangerous game after a bottle of bubbly. The whole thing made me want to wear an evening gown more often but for now I'll stick to my skinny jeans.

On the Monday night I got to celebrate my friend Charlie's graduation too (the one pulling a face in the polaroid below!). The past two weeks of celebrations are coming to an end and it's starting to sink in that we won't all be in the same house again. 

I'll still be living in Preston though and I'm sure there'll be more than enough chances for us to meet up again soon! It'll be weird coming back in September and have everything be different but seeing my friends earn their degrees has made me so motivated to finish mine and do it well.
Mostly I'm just excited to move into my new house by the river in a couple of months! Watching so many homeware hauls, finding so many house inspirations etc just makes me want to throw cute cushions and coffee machines everywhere haha. Which reminds me that I'll definitely be doing some homeware posts in the future! So it's sort of the end of an era but really it's the start of a new one, at least for these guys. Can't wait to see where the next few years take us all!

What have you been up to lately? Have you or anybody that you know graduated?
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