Why You Should Date Yourself

Time to break the silence! I recently, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, took an 'accidental hiatus' from social media and general life which has actually done a world of good for me. So why the hiatus? As a long term alone-a-phobe, I decided it was time to force myself into some alone time and actually try to enjoy it. Technically, I 'dated myself' for a while. It's not like I was away from everyone the whole time but I took time to learn the difference between alone and lonely while spending time with myself. 

Sometimes being wrapped up in a world where communication is at our very fingertips all the time (literally), things can get overwhelming; people to please, reply to, constantly wondering why someone has read your message and not replied or feeling guilty for not scheduling that morning blog post- I decided it was time to be selfish and chuck all of it out of the window (that was not so literal). 

Taking a short time out surprisingly made me learn about myself. Just when you think you know yourself, eh? My opinions on topics without the influence of other people developed and changed, I didn't feel the need to broadcast everything and having some sense of personal privacy was a plus! We unconsciously find ourselves dwelling on topics enraging Twitter users, lines from blog posts that we agree or disagree with and without knowing, go along with a vast majority of opinions. The internet is a blessing and a curse, it's kind of like being in a 24/7 relationship with the rest of the world which sometimes prevents us from taking time out for ourselves. 

As I said before, the difference between lonely and alone was often blurred for me. Feeling lost without wi-fi or a friend to talk to- realising that I could 'date myself' for a week was awesome. 
I visited Leeds with my boyfriend and best friend, went to the Catalina Wine Mixer at Get Baked (which I'll write a post about soon!) and after dropping Josh off at the station the next day, explored Leeds alone- a city that I'd only ever visited once before. 
I took myself to a vintage fair, after talking to a homeless man named Charlie. I sat down with him and talked to him about his dogs who he rescued from public abuse and harm. We chatted about what I was doing in Leeds and what I was studying at uni, in return he told me about the nearest museums and art galleries and pointed out the Vintage Fair, so I thanked him and asked if he wanted any money. He gave me a firm handshake and I was on my way to the Vintage Fair where there were pin up dancers and amazing clothing stalls galore, a little like the Retro Rendezvous Festival! 

Shortly after I made my way to the Henry Moore art gallery, alone, to look at the exhibit (finding out that Henry Moore is not my kinda artist). I then explored the streets a little, as it was Sunday, most public places were closed so I headed back to meet my best friend at her flat and then got the train back to Preston.
This is just one example of how I 'dated myself' while I was gone! You can do anything from taking yourself to the cinema, having a hot bath, exploring a new city, buying yourself flowers or just looking up from your phone for a day. If I hadn't have looked up from my phone I'd never have met Charlie, who said that I'd made his day as the police were about to move him on as we sat down to talk!

It's these little things that really open your eyes to your own true nature. 
You are yourself when you're by yourself. I dare you to try it, just for a day! Being alone doesn't mean you have to be lonely, it's all about finding that perfect balance. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know of something you like to do alone!

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