Taboo Talk #2 | Miley's Nipples & Double Standards

Forgive me, lovely followers- usually, what's going on in Hollywood is of utter unimportance to me. Celebrities to diet trends, nothing matters but this topic made me mad, like real mad. Even if you're not a fan of Miley or have no opinion on the girl, read on anyway! Hear me out.

Yesterday it came to my attention that there were lots of articles circulating about Miley's nipple slip at the VMA's and just her usual dress code; skin on show, crazy hair and scarce coverage for her breasts. During presenting the VMA's (which I didn't actually watch, just to clarify, but I've seen snippets) she 'accidentally' flashed her nipple to the camera and the whole internet is in uproar over it. With complaints being filed to MTV, every website has something to say about it.

My opinion is that it's just a nipple, but my point is that if this was a male nipple, say for example Justin Bieber's, everyone would either be ogling over him or saying nothing on the subject. See my post on another taboo topic in the media here.

Think about this. At the MTV Movie Awards last year,  Zac Efron stripped off on stage in front of a similar crowd (age group, viewers, same channel and an awards ceremony) for best shirtless performance and I can't find a single complaint that was filed to the studio because of it. Whereas this year, Miley dressed in 'racy' (see Barbarella) outfits for hosting and her nipple was accidentally shown on camera to a live audience.
Bare in mind that she was backstage and partially hiding behind a curtain when this happened... Zac Efron was on stage having his shirt torn off by Rita Ora while flexing his muscles to the crowd.
Complaints were filed about only one case and there are no prizes for guessing which.

Aren't we sick of these double standards by now? It's a nipple. Nipples are nipples. Nipples aren't sexual objects, nor are they something to be ashamed of. Is that enough nipples for you? This argument goes hand in hand with the fight over public breastfeeding.  A mon avis, Miley rocks for putting herself out there however she wants- she doesn't want to be a role model but her work with the minority communities and the way she's branded herself as an artist and human being screams awesome to me.

Girls- if you want to wear 'racy' outfits and show a little skin then by all means do it. Don't let society and backward culture say men can do it and you can't. It might just be a nipple but it's part of the race that hasn't quite reached the finish yet- equality. 

Did you watch the VMA's? What do you think of this issue? 
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