Hidden Treasures #3 | V Revolution, Manchester

Since becoming a vegetarian it's been easier than I thought to get my paws on food that tastes just like my favourite meaty dishes (if not better), so the myth is true! In March I turned 20 and in leu of that, visited a vegan restaurant I'd wanted to visit for a long time- V Revolution in Manchester.

Hidden in plain sight, Oldham Street in the heart of MCR's northern quarter is home to the incredible, dog friendly V Revolution, a punky yet humble café-looking place with food that blew my mind. Their menu offers up everything from 'cheese' covered 'bacon' burgers to banging hotdogs and shakes. The menu was quite small, but the dishes were in no way limited. Taking into consideration the specials they do every day (posted on their instagram @vrevolutionyeah) this veggie food is not for the lighthearted.

I ordered the slaw dog and nachos to share while Alex indulged in the 'Heisenberger'. It would be unjust to not have photographed this before I ate it and looking at it really makes me want it again haha. The prices are reasonable- no more than you would pay at Almost Famous for a burger if not less. My guess is that the hot dogs were made of tofu but I never asked (I hadn't planned this post). Funnily enough I actually hated hot-dogs until this place, the metallic taste of the skin on meat dogs is disgusting and god knows what they put in them, but here my tastebuds had indeed been revolutionised. 

As if this feast wasn't enough, they offer homemade vegan cakes a plenty on the countertop. Between a Matilda-esque chocolate cake and apple pie cake I made my decision and walked out with a honk of gooey, spongy deliciousness in a box for the train ride home. Witnessing the fact that cruelty-free food such as this exists makes me wonder why we can't buy these sorts of meals in supermarkets so easily (c'mon UK up your game!). Alex and I just managed to squeeze our fat butts through the door on the way out. Kidding, I'm not actually sure how calorific this is but who cares right? Veggie junk food is usually surprisingly less fatty than you'd think.

Overall, fast service, amazing food, innovative specials and I admire how unashamed they are of their food puns. If you're in the Norther Quarter at any point I highly recommend checking this joint out even if you aren't vegetarian or vegan! To see my last Manchester adventure click here.

Me when I saw the cake
Have you been to any amazing restaurants lately? What's your favourite junk/birthday food? See my other 'hidden treasures'  posts here.
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