Tattoo | How Much Does an Arm Tattoo Hurt?

If you've been following me on Instagram you might know that a couple of weeks ago I got another tattoo added to my arm. This time I decided to get the top of my arm tattooed. I'm always asked how much they hurt and which of my tattoos hurt most so I thought I'd write up about it!

I'm currently having my arm done by Martin Fletcher, an awesome tattooist from Lancaster. He's done all of my professional tattoos so far and I originally chose him because his lines are so clean and he has such enthusiasm about his work. It's important to have an artist that you trust doing your design, and someone who isn't a complete butthole of a human being because that could taint the tattoo experience or the tattoo itself! 

For me, my upper arm/shoulder part hurt a lot less than having the middle of my arm tattooed, that one felt like scratchy sunburn (bearable, but I have a good pain threshold!) and was a lot more itchy while healing. 
It's a circle but it wraps!
My upper arm was less itchy and flaky while healing and didn't hurt nearly as much. I feel like tattoo 'pain' is less painful than it is irritating, though the closer the needle got to the softer skin and my armpit, the more intense it was! I had dotwork in this one which was pretty on par with the other shading I've had (sore but not as bad as long lines). My most painful tattoo is actually the one on the front of my ankle. It's not even half the size of the others but it was more intense, mainly because of the straight lines.

So overall, my upper arm hurt a lot less than the middle of my arm. If you're thinking of getting tattoos on these parts of your arm but aren't good with pain I'd probably go for the upper arm one first. But remember, everyone is different and I know that some people will completely disagree with me on this. See this post for tips on your first tattoo! Also check out this interview I did with Céline, an inspiring woman, photographer and collector of tattoos currently working on her bodysuit with Guy Le. 

Where was your most or least painful tattoo? Do you have a favourite artist?
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