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Hello hello hello! Gosh, it's been a while hasn't it. The past four to five months have been a crazy cycle of change, growth, learning and losing. Somewhere in the throes of 2016 I neglected blogging (but for good reason, I promise!) Since we last spoke (see this post) so much has changed. I've been coming to grips with change as a constant thing, not just something that occurs every now and again.

For a start Josh and I broke up at the start of the year, because of that- among other things I've lost some very close friends. Not to dismiss the feelings I had, but in brutal honesty I thought I'd be more heartbroken. I suck with heartbreak but I haven't really felt broken at all, which for a little while confused me before realising that I had already let go of the situation before it finished happening. This is a good thing, believe me! Perhaps this is growing up.

Amidst the chaos of the bigger picture, I've started playing guitar again, turned 20 years old, added to my arm tattoos, started to read more, began planning a trip around the world (full scale map stuck to the wall, strings, bells and whistles you name it), picked up a little French again and have found new self worth. Think 'Eat, Pray, Love' style haha. Meanwhile, second year of uni is done with and it's been a blast! Stressful at times but summer is staring us right in the face and I'm ready to collaborate and create, sunbathe a lot and hopefully not abandon this little safe-haven of a blog haha.
I've missed reading all of your posts and discussions as I haven't been active on Twitter either, so feel free to link me to anything cool you've seen or written this year that I might have missed out on! I feel I owe you all some updates so expect a mass of great posts in the next few weeks.

You may have also noticed that my blog has had a bit of a revamp. I'm feeling freshhhhh so I felt like my blog needed a new face to go with that. Here's to a new chapter.

How has 2016 treated you so far? Do you have any plans for summer yet? Let me know in the comments!
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