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Some people are crazy cat ladies, I am a crazy notebook lady at the moment and PROUD. If you look back, every year the closer we progress towards September, the more organisation crazy I go- I swear it's subconscious. If you haven't read my bullet journal post yet, you might not have realised just how much planning motivates me to get things done

I don't always carry through with my plans but hey, it's okay to *ahem* forget something from your to-do list once in a while. Here are a few pieces I picked up from my fave craft store, The Range (sorry Hobbycraft) when I found myself in town with mum the other day.

We'll start with my current fave-

This FREAKIN' BOX! Look at it! So simple, clean and secretly spacious. A little like Mary Poppin's bag. It has three tiers; the bottom one is large, can hold palettes and creams, the middle is a little thinner but perfect for holding daily base make-up and mascaras. The top tier is similar to the middle except it has a couple of smaller dividers too, which I use to hold smaller pots and brushes.
tiered make-up storage box, kylie lip kit box
Honestly having all of my everyday make-up in one place is a godsend, they're no longer in different grubby bags that always need wiping and it saves me from spilling everything out, down the side of my bed (I like to do my make-up on my bed, facing the window with a mirror on the windowsill. Ahhh comfy). This cost about £6. I'd love to get one for my lipstick collection.

Moving on, after learning how to bullet journal I've decided that it is in fact worth getting a planner for third year. As I've said before I'm SO unorganised (ironic, as my last two posts have been on planning) but what's gonna help me get my life in gear, more than this amazing notebook and tropical pens? Nothing. That's the answer. Nothing.
floral notebook planner, watercolour notebook cover
The notebook isn't squared like my bullet journal- it's lined but I figured, all it takes is a pen to write in the days of the week. This way I can add more pages like to-do, calendar, notes etc and have more flexibility! This cost somewhere between £2-£4.

I also picked up this beautiful little paint set. Stupidly I've left all of my art supplies at my new house in the city so I've had nothing to practice with up until this point in summer. Oops! I couldn't resisit testing them out, for myself and fellow doodle-junkies.

Seeing watercolour come out of a tube was pretty interesting for me as I've always been a palette kind of gal ever since I got a Windsor & Newton one as a kid. I can see these getting used so much next year, especially with the handy carry tin! They came with two brushes and a pencil, for around £6.
Watercolour Peach, watercolour cactus painting
I'm a little rusty!
watercolour paint tin
cheap make up storage box

You can see more of my art by clicking the ART drop down in my main menu or go to my main Instagram and scroll down! I also nabbed an A3 sketchbook for £2 as all of my good paper is at university too. That's right, there's good paper and bad paper! Having something a little thicker helps to hold watercolour and ink (my two favourite medias). 

I think everything in this little haul came to just under £20. My mum actually treated me which was so lovely (parent 'PR request' anybody? Haha), it's been so good living at home during the last few weeks that my creature comforts have actually made me a little nervous for Leeds festival at the end of August!

I've not done a haul blog post before. What do you think? Are you a stationary/storage addict too?
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