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If you're anything like me, trips away are few and far between! Getting to go away for a few days is such a treat especially if university is taking a toll or I just need to get out of the city. Days out in the Lake District are one my my favourite things do to in summer but it's not often that I get to go somewhere I haven't been before.

That's not all true. I visited Wales when I was young, stopping at a campsite for a few days with my dad but being so little it's all just a fuzzy memory now. A fuzzy, strange memory of my dad doing campsite karaoke one night and me welling up because of it haha.

So last week my boyfriend Alex took me to Wales, home to his family and childhood life (he doesn't have a Welsh accent though which confused me when we first met lollll). Going somewhere new is always exciting but getting to see where Alex spent his time growing up was a really nice and an experience that I won't forget, it was incredibly beautiful. The nerve-wracking part was meeting his family properly but I quickly felt at home. Hope they liked me, haha!

Prepare yourself for a LOT of pictures, in the traditional Scarlet State photo diary way, or scroll straight to the bottom for the vlog!

On the first day Alex had a lot of appointments so I followed him to them (like the clingy gal I can be) and I played a hell of a lot of Minecraft with his lil bro, Adam. First exploring Fairy Glenn, we then stopped by the shore of Colwyn to indulge in some classic seaside chips for dinner and Adam told me about how one time a seagull swooped down and stole his sandwiches.

A restful night's sleep was had at his Grandad's country home on the hills of Wales before setting out to explore Llandudno, eating some of the best ice-cream I've ever had! Weirdly enough I bumped into my old college tutor from Kendal here, out of all the places we could've been.

We ate lunch at a gallery (kindly treated to), home to this play-doh 'art'. The rest of the pieces were pretty great, suppose I'll never understand modern art!

I also got to have an explore of a pre-show Venue Cymru (the theatre that Alex's dad works at) which was pretty ace as the last time I got to do that was while studying performing arts in school. Don't think I could ever be on the stage now but doing ballet shows as a kid was always my passion.

After coincidentally finding all of the Alice in Wonderland statues (this is where the book was written) we slept at his grandad's again and explored the fields around the house where he keeps a lot of old awesome cars. I couldn't get a good picture of them but there was an old Rolls Royce and a car that looked like it once belonged to Thunderbird's Penelope. So awesome.

The Welsh weather decided it had been too kind to us and the clouds opened up on our final day until the evening which meant nail painting in the day with Emily, Alex's sister, nutella cake baking, a living room picnic and cuddles with Belle the Dalmatian.

Alex took me to Angel Bay (pictured above) with Belle and we had a little walk. Belle is the only and most adorable dalmatian I've met. She 'smiles' when she's excited and looks like Denver the Guilty Dog when she does hahaha. There may be a clip of that in the vlog! These are just taken on my phone and compact camera which definitely don't do the scenery justice. 

My vlog is pretty short and not too chatty, a lot like my Scotland post. When I'm out I like to just capture the view more than talk a lot but you can find more chatty videos on my YouTube channel!

If the video won't load for you, click here.

Have you been anywhere nice lately? Tell me about it!
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