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It used to be a bit of a tradition that when going away with family, mum and I would spend some time relaxing in the closest spa. Picture us soaking up quartz, salt and greek herbs in turkish and Japanese steam rooms, napping on water beds in borrowed robes and dipping in the mineral pool under the stars. 

This week has been absolutely crazy with travelling to Wales, spending time with my boyfriend's family for the first time and heading back for a few days of hard work before I shoot off to Leeds Festival.

Travelling a lot and being stressed is the perfect way to give me a hella' lot of forehead spots and dry skin never mind leaving me feeling a little tense and in need of some self-love. My days away this week were an absolute dream- the weather in Wales was beautiful and being by the sea felt like a little slice of Greece (or somewhere equally as far away from the UK as possible)!

Coming home was made a little easier by these Thai spa inspired Janjira products that I've been loving e'rryday since my return. They're actually created in Thailand too so it's a real slice of heaven!

For coming up two months now, I've had bad dry patches on my face around my eyes, yet I haven't changed any of my products. Confuuuused! Assuming my skin was becoming sensitive to face wipes, my new make-up devil, I bought a bottle of Garnier's Micellar Water to see if it'd help.

I also tried the Janjira Pomegranate & Acai Micellar water* and have only been using it for a week but it doesn't sting at all, is paraben free, parfum free and completely natural. It's also cruelty free! Can I get a hell yeah? My eczema eyes are completely GONE (and no, I haven't been paid to say that) which is a miracle as I've tried everything, even these skin hydration pills which seemed to work for everywhere else.

The difference between this and regular micellar water bottles is the handy pump! You press a cotton pad onto it and you're ready to wipe off that day old crud on your face. This really helps with wastage and you get exactly the amount of product that you've paid for, so no more worrying that the bottle has opened in your travel bag! I use just a few pumps to remove all of my war paint.

The only issue I have is that it really doesn't taste nice if you wipe your lips with it, forget and lick it after. I also wouldn't recommend getting it in your eyes. Pshhh, no, of course I haven't. *rolls stinging eyes* 

The smell is so refreshing and on a hot day it takes the heat off of your face, cleansing and waking me up right when I need it. The next time you'll see it will probably be in an empties/favourites post!

I was also lucky enough to get my mitts on this Lime & Ginger body scrub. It's a HUGE tub, seriously huge. I think you could buff up three or four people if you absolutely covered them in this stuff AND it smells incredible. Out of the two products I tried, this is definitely my favourite smell. Invigorating, zesty, refreshing yet relaxing, it really takes you to a spa in your own home.

Using it in the mornings leaves you smooth and sugared all day, using it in the evening is really relaxing too and the ginger is nicely warming. 

If walking around like a naked Thai goddess is on your to-do list this week then you gotta try out this out as the oils in it have left my skin so soft, even gently scrubbing my tattoos with it has made them brighter. It's perfect for buffing your body post summer leg shave or pre-tan and is also made of natural ingredients! Janjira's whole range is cruelty free.

The grains in the body scrub are pure refined sugar, ground super small to avoid any exfoliating related injury haha. I have no qualms with this product so far, just super grateful that I was able to try these as I can't believe how fast they've cleared up my dry patches, along with Lush's Elbow Grease (keep your eye's peeled for that post in a few days)!

I want to smell like a fruity lime and ginger goddess forever.

What do you use for dry skin and that fresh spa feeling? I'd love to know! Maybe one day I can turn my bathroom totally spa themed!
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*These goodies were kindly sent over for trying out but as always all words/opinions in my posts are my own!

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