5 Ways to Make Uni Feel More Like Home

It's officially around a month until us students flee back to the cities- whether it's your first year or your last, heading back to university can be a little daunting. Student life has it's perks (holla at my flatmates and the ever irritating SLC) but living away from home can get me SO down if it's for long periods of time.

There are so many little things that missed about home while being at university, silly things that I didn't even usually notice before! Such as how comforting the sound of the washing machine is, haha. Things which were annoying before like adverts on the TV (I only really use Netflix at university) became something that reminded me of being at home; the familiar sounds and smells of the place I love.

Here are a few things you can do to make university feel a little more homely:

Use the same laundry detergent
A weird one, I'll admit, and some people prefer to separate uni and home but every now and again it's nice to use the same laundry detergent that your whole family washes with. I like to use it for my bedsheets so that after a long day I can sleep in what feels and smells like my own cosy bed at home.

Have similar decoration and colour schemes
If you have a certain sofa you like to sit on at home, buy a few cushions that look like the ones you snuggle into. Having a similar colour scheme to your bedroom at home will likely make you feel a little closer to that familiar place.

Here, we light a lot of candles at night and always have fresh flowers in every room (which is a nice touch to any house I think!) so I always light candles when it gets dark and buy a cheap bunch of flowers for my windowsill when I can afford it. Flowers are also a beautiful way to brighten up a rented place.
Invite your hometown friends to stay
Although a lot of time is taken up by studies and making new friends and whatever down time you have might be spent recuperating- inviting friends over from home can make you feel a little less distanced. Hearing familiar voices in a new house is one of the most comforting things and it also means you don't lose touch if you're all doing your own thing. 

Print some photos
Firstly, this isn't an ad! I use the FreePrints app to order printed photos of my friends, family and of course my dog to stick up in my uni room. Going overboard can sometimes look a little weird. Imagine bringing a potential boyfriend home then introducing them to 21 photos of Terry the cat that are plastered on your headboard before they even know you (though they totally ain't worth it if this scares 'em off).

I stuck a few of my favourite family photos on my wardrobe door this year so that every morning, I could see the faces that make me happy!

Rearrange your furniture 
Instead of being shoved into a room that you didn't organise yourself, take the liberty of reshuffling a few pieces of furniture to make the room feel more like your own. For example my bed at home is always next to the window so I rearrange my uni room every year to suit that. 

A simple rearrange puts your personal stamp on the room and lets you know where everything is for the rest of the year. Just make sure you move it back before you move out!

 How do you make university feel like home? What did you hate/love most about moving out?

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