Sunday Post #9 | The Ubud Temple

So, today's Sunday Post was supposed to be a tour of my new room/house, but the weather has been so bad here lately that the lighting for house photos has been terrible. Hopefully that post will come next week with a little sunshine! 

Instead, to keep with the theme of easy reading for Sunday Posts, I wanted to show a little piece of something I've been working on for a few long months (on and off, between events and classes). It's how I spend time on when I'm not chillin' in the blogosphere. You might know if you've been reading for a while or follow me on Twitter that I study illustration at uni, that art has always been my biggest passions!

At the start of summer, my boyfriend Alex found a huge door-sixed piece of wood in the basement of our old house so I decided to paint it. 

Wanderlust for amazing places is something that sticks with me wherever I go and sometimes painting these places is how I keep the travel bug at bay. At the time I was wanderlusting over Ubud in Bali and the gorgeous red brick temples- I think I'd been reading too much Eat Pray Love haha.

It's nooooowhere near finished at all and I'm not sure when it will be as 1. It's huge and 2. I chip away at it whenever I feel like it rather than spend hours at a time painting. 

Hopefully it'll be finished sometime this year but there's so much to build detail on. I want the temple to be super detailed and the background to be a little more impressionist, so I've began tiny brush details on the temple door and used a sponge to paint the background. 

You can also still see lots of pencil lines which won't be there when it's all painted over! 

I've put my hand/arm in a few of these photos so you can see the scale of it but here's the whole thing. It's over four and a half feet tall, I'm 5'4" so painting it for hours can be achey work!

There's nothing I love more on a weekend than to put on some music, grab a hot brew and paint. My mind really wanders as painting is so therapeutic, makes me feel better if I'm sad or tired and at the end there's something I'm (hopefully) proud of which makes me happy too.

I usually keep my art and blogging separate but figured that some people might like to see this side of me! Let me know if you liked this post and if you'd like to see more of my art or a post on this piece when it's finished! You can see more of my doodles under the 'art' tab in the top menu.

What do you do to chill out? Where would you like to visit?
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