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Hello everyone! Firstly I wanted to thank you if you've been reading my blog lately, for making this summer the best few months my blog has seen- the growth here has been amazing, it's so humbling receiving and returning comments from real peopleeee! Makes me feel like there really are people out there who read my ramblings.

I'm hosting the Bloggers Do It Better (#BDIB) chat tomorrow night at 7pm and it's my first time hosting a chat EVER. Understandably I'm super nervous so please come and say hi! The topic will be 'Changing with the Seasons'. This is going to cover everything from yourself to blogging!

So enough waffle. This post has been on my mind for a little while now as I realised just how many things I own, inspired by blogging or for blogging. Hopefully this will help any new or student bloggers that are following me as I don't have a lot of money to blow lately (being in my final year of university, I can't believe I survived the others) but blogging is a passion of mine and I'd like to show that you CAN blog and do Youtube on a budget!

Here's everything I use to blog!

Canon IXUS 130
I got this battered little baby from eBay as soon as I wanted to start vlogging. We have a DSLR or two at home but I tend to take all of my blog photos on this or my phone as it's much simpler to use and often I need my photos done quickly! It's so light and has 1080p recording which is all I need. You can see my vlogs here.

iPhone 5S
Another battered baby as I dropped it and the screen smashed but it's still functional! I actually have vlogged on this once or twice and it's so good (minus the battery life). Eventually I want to have the iPhone 6 for the larger screen. Screw iPhone 7, what are those new earphones about?

8GB SD Card
I feel like 8GB is just enough to capture a long day's worth of vlog and some photos, so this is all I need! I have a spare 4GB one but rarely use it unless I do run out of space during the day. Note to self: buy extra camera battery (though my Canon one holds up well!).

15" Macbook
This Mac has been a godsend. It was a present from my mum, stepdad and ex-boyfriend which I'm deeply grateful for. It comes with me everywhere as I use it for university work, digital painting, blogging and editing videos.

iMovie & Photoshop
I use iMovie to edit my vlogs as it's so simple and I was used to using Windows Movie Maker as a kid, so it's quite similar functionally to that. If it's ever worth it, I'll purchase a better camera and better video editing software but iMovie comes with the Mac for free.

I pay around £8 a month for Photoshop (student prices) which I use to edit all of my blog photos (and do uni work with).

Editing Apps: VSCO & Afterlight
To make my photos all look similar I use VSCO and a preset I created myself! Afterlight was my old Instagram friend but I'm loving how sophisticated VSCO makes my images look!

YouTube Audio Library
Google it. There are plenty of sites out there for copyright free music but this is my go-to for simple tunes to overlay in the background of my vlogs. My latest Travel Diary actually featured more of a dance track that my friends at Decibel Fire created. Give it a listen!

Planners: Bullet Journal and Weekly Planner
My bullet journal is great for bullet point planning, organising, reshuffling events and jotting down ideas so I tend to reserve my weekly planner for more in depth writing about what posts I need to do. Come third year beginning, my weekly planner will be used to schedule coursework too though I like to keep them seperate!

For photo props I use a lot of plants, tat from charity shops or things I just have lying around. I'm working on switching it up with the seasons so keep your eye out for new props like the beautiful copper leaves in these photos!

I think that's everything! If anything else springs to mind, I'll either update this post or make a new one in the future as my equipment and techniques change.

What do you use for blogging? Do you think you need all high end items to be successful?
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