Inside my Pocket Bullet Journal ✏️ September UPDATE

Has it really been a full month since I last showed you my bullet journal? It's unbelievable that I've actually kept up with it though sneakily I've been using a new planner alongside to properly write down what I'm doing everyday. Changing the way I'm using the journal to suit me is probably what's kept me referring back to it.

I still have my index, key, goals and some post ideas have been migrated from August to September because I couldn't write all of the posts last month or I've grown tired of some of the ideas, but here's what's changed! :

Every month I have a little 'monthly goals' section which in August everything was exceeded for the first time (I think!)- I am SO happy about that! Numbers aren't everything obviously but seeing progress is what most bloggers want. Hella progress pleeeease.

I dropped a thank you in this post for the new readers last month as you have all really kept me motivated to continue blogging. I've so fallen in love with blogging this summer for a multitude of reasons!

There's still so far to go before the blog is where I want it to be but my bullet journal makes it so much easier to keep track of goals etc since I'm not really a spreadsheet kinda gal. I mentioned the cool NooDoll bookmarks that came with this notebook in the last bullet journal post and finally rediscovered one of them in an odds and ends basket at home. LOOK HOW CUUUUTE!

I've found that although bullet journalling is good for planning and scheduling, it's not really great for knowing exactly what I have to do on what day in depth, which is what I need to keep me on track but that's just me!

To fix this little problem I purchased a little planner similar to the Zoella Lifestyle range planner (which I am SO getting when it's released! Guilty as charged).

Inside is; some post-it's, bookmarking stickers which I use for marking sponsored posts, an accordion envelope and a weekly tear-off planner so I can wake up, find the date and see my to-do list for that day. You can see that in this post. It was £2.99 from Aldi, what an absolute beautiful bargain!

It works so well hand in hand with my pocket journal because I can schedule tasks roughly in the little planner (above) and when I've decided exactly what needs to be done, see my plans one week at a time in the larger weekly planner! I've definitely caught planning fever, just hoping that this motivation follows me into third year of university next week, haha. Wish me luck.

If you have a bullet journal, how do you use yours? Also let me know if you'd like this to become a once a month thing!
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