My Current Obsessions 😍 | Sunday Post #2

When I get obsessed with something, I get obsessed- whether thats over an artist's work, blog, outfit, make-up product or an app, I simply fall in love and cannot let go for at least a month or two. This is a good and a bad thing, lemme' tell ya.

A few days ago after very little persuasion on my boyfriend's half, I downloaded PokΓ©mon Go and now I absolutely positively must catch them all. I've been walking into benches, heading out at midnight just to catch different PokΓ©mon and refreshing the app every few minutes in the hopes that a wild Pikachu will appear. No luck thus far. Though I did get to Level 7 in one day which Alex says is quite impressive (he might just be trying to make me feel good).
I've also been obsessing over this Faux Suede Jacket from Missguided, though how the hell anyone washes suede will forever elude me. The label says that the fabric might get damaged if it gets wet, so going out in the rain without my £2 home bargains umbrella is a no-no but the umbrella has cute clouds and raindrops with faces all over it so who can complain? Perfect for rainy-day PokΓ©mon Go sessions.

You may have also noticed that my boobs have eyes. 

This awesome bralet was from a maker on Depop, but I'm sure you can find one similar if you search Google. It fits perfectly, the sewn on patches aren't itchy and like I said in this vlog sometimes it's nice to wear a bra without any underwire. Being in the itty-bitty-titty committee has it's perks (no pun intended). 

Also I can't get enough of pink and purple hair. Usually by the time September rolls around I fancy a change but the hairy fairy came early this year and I'm thinking of bleaching away the blue ASAP, or at least before I head back to uni for another year. Its always nice to have a change when entering a new term!

Don't get me wrong- being blue has been super fun, and it was a pain to get to blue from bright red but I'm feeling a little more soft and feminine than I did a few months ago. Plus the now-green ends aren't doing my skin tone many favours. I'll definitely be keeping the dark roots though- maintaining dyed hair is so difficult without them! How do you maintain dyed hair?

I'm thinking something like this. The colour pink has been an obsession lately too as you could probably tell if you've seen my new Instagram
What have you been obsessing over lately? 
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