Camping in Scotland | Photo Diary and Vlog 🌿

Even us bloggers like to get our hands dirty sometimes. In the hustle and bustle of life, dividing attention between tasks we can forget to take some time out to breathe in the air and actually enjoy it! 

Last weekend I headed out with some friends to the rolling hills of Scotland for a much needed breather.

We spent two nights camping in the vast woodland mountains to the side of Loch Lomond, a place I'd not actually heard of until our visit! The weather held up for us despite a few freaking scary flashes of lightening on the first night (do you know how scary it is in a lightening storm when you're the only thing on the side of the hill?) 
I managed to snap some photos and a short vlog of the trip- when I say some photos, I mean a lot of photos so prepare yourself! Scroll to the bottom for the vlog and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like it.

We stayed for a total of 3 days, exploring the surrounding woods and town. The place where we pitched our tents already had a burnt patch on the ground from previous campers so we made a little fire there at night time. Now I know how to make a fire from scratch and how to live off cold beans for a night hahaha. There's still a few more months of summer so I'm hoping among festivals that I can head out on another trip like this. 

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