6 Things We Need to Talk About Now More Than Ever | Taboo Talk #8

My blog is usually pretty full of sunshine and a chill place to be, but there sometimes comes a day when I really need to sit down and properly chat about what's in my head. I'm not a politician or scientist but there are a couple of issues and events that I've been paying most of my attention to over the last few months, that I feel need sharing with you now more than ever

"You may think that his sexism and other misogynistic ways won't touch you if you're not in the U.S, but think of it as an umbrella casting shadow over a much larger space."

Womens Rights
As everyone who's unfortunately not been living under a rock for the past few days knows, Trump is in the White House. I repeat, Trump is in the White House. You may think that his sexism and other misogynistic ways won't touch you if you're not in the US, but think of it as an umbrella casting shadow over a much larger space. 

If the President of the United States isn't a role model then who is? The Women's Marches going on all over the world now are just one way to raise our voices. WE control our rights to abortions. WE deserve respect. We have authority over our own bodies and do not deserve to be objectified, etc, etc.

Climate Change
If you've been reading here for a while you'll know that this has always been close to my heart! Can you believe there are still people out there that don't believe global warming is happening? Vivian Westwood even had her say in the issue this week, designing this badass tote for LFW. Talk about this issue. Especially since it's been censored from the White House website and is being revoked of priority and urgency, after so many years of trying. We are at the tipping point and only we have the power to change this. 

Equal Pay and Education
Although this fits into the category of 'womens rights', it's a pressing issue I thought deserved it's own slot. It will take 170 years, at this rate, for our pay to catch up to that of mens. This isn't just in the first world but perhaps more importantly in the third world where women often don't have access to the same resources as men, including education. Talk about this, fight for this. Challenge your bosses if you discover your male colleagues are being paid more than you.

"We are at the tipping point and only WE have the power to change this."

Palm Oil 
Nutella starred in some not so happy headlines last week such as Nutella Causes Cancer, because a base ingredient of it is the carcinogenic palm oil. Regardless of whether palm oil is cancer-giving or not, the farming of it has wreaked absolute havoc on the rainforest, driving lots of species including the Orangutang out of their habitats. Destruction of large rainforests ('the Earth's Lungs') means less CO2 absorption and less Oxygen output. In other worlds, palm oil is also a perpetuator of rising Greenhouse Gases, so never mind it being bad for you, it's bad for everyone! 

Many palm oil plantations use child labour and unbearably low pay rates for their workers, so talk about this and learn about this. Look for a sustainable alternative to products with palm oil in them and tell people!

Refugee Crisis
2015 and 2016 were the years where social media highlighted the refugee crisis a lot. Many of us saw some upsetting videos and just because these aren't currently viral doesn't mean that scenes like this aren't still happening. The next few years might see us taking on more refugees!

My hometown (a 98% caucasian seaside town) is taking on just over 200 refugees in the next couple of years and I can just hope that people are welcoming and accepting. We need to talk about how 'refugee' is not the dirty word that sad excuses for newspapers (I'm looking at you, The Sun) have made it out to be and be more supportive of those around us. Donate don't hate!

"There's no need for us to be using lipstick with fish scales or crushed beetles in."

Cruelty-Free Beauty
So many awesome bloggers, Youtubers and brands are going cruelty free. Kat Von D's make-up line is now totally vegan and bloggers such as Carli Bybel have stuck to the switch of choosing beauty that doesn't perpetuate animal cruelty.

In 2017, there's no need for us to be using lipstick with fish scales or crushed beetles in. There's no need for us to buy lipsticks that have been so cruelly forced on animals until these corporate giants were happy with the product quality. Just look at Too Faced, Seventeen, and Lush! All killing it without a single life at risk (see what I did there).

Sadly there are plenty more issues going on that need talking about but none that I feel I know enough about to talk on! I'm trying to learn every day. Hopefully the message from this post isn't all doom and gloom but that now more than ever is a time to support, inspire, talk, teach and motivate each other. 

In numbers, we're pretty good at changing the minds of higher authority just by using our actions and voices. As long as we aren't hurting anybody else, there's no harm in spreading awareness, especially if you have a platform to use!

Which of these issues means the most to you?


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