How To Stay Motivated to Work in Winter

You might have read the title of this post and though, hey? How is staying motivated in Winter any different from any other time of the year? Oh man, it is. The nights are dark and long in Winter, living in a cold student house is the least glamorous of environments and sometimes, frankly, I just can't be assed. You can't pretend you haven't been there too!

Especially when it gets dark at 4pm I struggle to continue working, or to even start when it feels like I may aswell have stayed in bed all day but Winter is almost over my friends, Spring is only a month (or two) away. We can push through and get this work done before the blissful summer nights roll around to carry us and our coursework into the sunset.

Here's how I stay motivated to work when the days are short:

Think of the reward. I don't exactly mean the pint at the end of your essay, but that warm feeling inside when you realise that everything on your to-do list is done. Think about what it is to be free and go for it.

Ban yourself from your phone. If you're like me, procrastination largely involves scrolling for hours on Facebook and Twitter. If you notice yourself wanting to reach for your phone then put it away! Give it to your flatmates (bad idea) or put it on silent. ANYTHING, haha.

Get out while the sun is out. If you know you have a lot of work to do today and you haven't left the house in a couple days, head on a walk and get some fresh air before you sit down for a few hours. It will keep you going, promise!

Find something comforting. Stress isn't an option when deadlines are so close, we just have to crack on with our work and wrap ourselves in comforting things until it's all blown over. For me, a hot cup of tea almost every hour on the hour keeps me going.

Allow yourself breaks- but only when you're not on a roll. If you've been typing for hours and you're due a break but you're on a roll and SO close to the end, don't break! If you feel like you could push yourself a little more now then do it, it means more time to chill come deadline day.

Get up earlier. Getting up early on cold mornings can be hard I know, but establishing some boundaries to your lie in is as adult as this advice gets. If you're like me and lose motivation come nightfall, push yourself to get up a little earlier and make the most of your extra hour!

Change your scenery. There's nothing wrong with being that person in Starbucks tapping away on a Mac, really. If a change of scenery makes you feel better or get into the flow then do it, though maybe don't read your essay aloud in the library.

I hope these tips are helpful for you! If you have any more tips then be sure to drop them in the comments for everyone to see :) 


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