Lush Northern Lights Bathbomb Set

To be a glittery goddess one must first bathe like a glittery goddess! I was given the Northern Lights bath bomb set for Christmas by my boyfriend's sister, Emily (thank you again Em!) and thought it would be rude to not show you guys how insanely gorgeous they are. They really smell as heavenly as they look. The set is made of three bath bombs; Northern Lights, Shoot for the Stars and Intergalactic. Shoot for the Stars and Intergalactic both have body glitter in them that sits on top of the water like stars. 

Shoot for the Stars 

The glitter in this actually comes from little golden stars that don't dissolve until the end, giving you a deep blue bath with layers of golden twinkles to soak in! My bath water went a deep night-sky blue that I couldn't see my arms through and smelled amazing.

Northern Lights

Dissolving piece by piece, breaking down into a beautiful layered mix of pink, green, purple, yellow and blue this bomb turns your water a very deep black-purple with lots of bubbles and foam. Watching this dissolve was like a little northern light show in my bathroom which was really relaxing with a delightful scent.


For a deep blue, glittery bath choose this one. It really lived up to it's name as I felt like I was bathing in the stars! This one smelled lightly of peppermint and left with with silver glitters all over my body. Don't worry, these came off with a rinse and dry.

I've started putting bath bombs in the water before I get in so that I can appreciate their full spectrum, Zoella style haha. I won't name which is which in the below picture so you can have a little magic for yourself if you buy them.

If you're caught up on my most recent posts you might know that I'm trying to cut down on waste! Ever since Lush expressed their newest packaging promise, to have naked products where possible, it's really made me consider how much plastic I use in my cosmetics! From shampoo to body scrub, from now on I'll be trying to invest in better alternatives and make sure at least that my packaging is recyclable or bio-degradable. The Northern Lights Set has been packaged in bio-degradable little 'puffs' that dissolve in water or soil, cased in naked cardboard. 

Lush also try not to use synthetic preservatives and 65% of their products are self-preserving, meaning you can keep them for longer without and of the artificial bad stuff getting in your skin.

The Northern Lights are probably my new favourite bath bombs (side with Dragon's Egg, a popping, crackling, creamy one). I can't wait to see what Lush come out with next or possibly get my hands on these again some day. ♥︎

What's your favourite Lush product? Have you tried these?


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