7 Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

So a lovely lady called Joana reached out to me and asked if she could write a piece for The Scarlet State on hair hacks. I've always experimented with hair colours, from bright red, orange and yellow to cooled down blue and purple ombres. At the moment I'm a dark brunette which feels boring compared to my previously colourful locks, so I've been searching for ways to spice things up a little through new hair styles! This is what Joana came up with. So many awesome tips! 

You’re running late, don’t have time to spend doing your hair and still need it to look great. We’ve all been there, right? I know I have. Whether you’re rushing out the door for work or on a last minute night out with the girls, you want to do things quickly but still look stylish. No problem! Try these easy hair hacks to save time and energy, whatever your reasons are.

Add body
A simple combination of the diffuser setting on your hairdryer and some gel can do the job. No need for curlers or irons when you’re in a rush. Give this a try when you want extra body.

Casual waves
This is another great time saver, and beach-inspired wavy hairstyles always look cool. Simply get some mousse in your hand, scrunch it in and get on with the rest of your morning beauty regime. (Or try plaiting it the night before!)

Fight the frizz
There are lots of great tips to beat frizz, like applying conditioner, letting your hair nearly dry before blow-drying and using hair masks. But what about a quick frizz fix? Some swear by using a little gel, but another really neat way is to spray the bristles of an old toothbrush with hairspray. Work down the hair with the brush and it’ll soon smooth things out.

The messy bun
A great one for when you’re really pushed for time, or lacking enthusiasm for a long styling session. Just pin your hair up into a messy bun. It’s so easy and never goes out of style. 

Bobby pins 
They’re always great for holding hair in place, but you’ll get the best results by following these two top tips. Firstly, clip the pins in with the straight side facing up and the wavy side down. Secondly, spritz some hairspray before pushing them in for an even better hold.

Dry shampoo
When you haven’t got time to wash your hair, dry shampoo is a must. You can save even more time, though, if you use it the night before. That way the shampoo has got plenty of time to work its way into your hair, leaving you with fresh-looking locks first thing.

Ponytail with a twist
The ponytail is the most basic style, but it can still work when you’re looking for something a little more chic. Simply give it a twist and you’ll end up with a soft, sleek look. It will look like you’ve spent a lot of time and effort on it, when it only takes seconds, really.

When you want quick and easy hair without sacrificing style, it’s all about using the right hair hacks. From prepping your locks the night before to getting cool wavy hairstyles quickly, you now know some handy time-saving tips. Give them a go to see which ones work best for you!

Thank you Joana for some great hair tips, I'm going to be trying more of these each week and will be posting the nicest results over on Instagram

If you have any hair tips or tricks, easy to do styles or things you think we should know, drop me a comment! I'd love to hear them, and hope you find these useful.


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