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Hello again! It's been a long week of working hard on my Honours project and giving up a social life. Ahhhh, to be a student! I'm in my final year at UCLan and as you may already know, no student can say no to free food especially when it's cooked in a kitchen you can see through, at a private room launch. That's what SoLita prepared for us when we were so kindly invited to the launch of their new private dining room in Preston!

I got to met up with Lily Kate and Claire again, for the first time since our night at the amazing Boohoo spa event, back at the beginning of a chilly February! This time we donned something a little less casual than bath robes.

The staff who were so helpful and friendly, opened a canopé buffet for us and we all took super kindly to the free booze (for one night only, thank god. I had far too much). SoLita's house rosé was so sweet, almost like American dessert wine. A delightful contrast to my tasty lil' vegan burger.

Who'd have thought that tiny vegan burgers coud be SO good? They were a delicious crispy patty made up of 4 types of beans, followed by dressing, nacho crumbs, a variety of salad and wait for it... VEGAN CHEESE on top. 

I was so freakin' happy to see that a non-vegan restaurant had finally got their hands on vegan cheese! One thing that I didn't like about their vegan menu was that there was only one thing on it. *sad face*

Serving any vegan meals at all at a primarily meat restaurant is basically unheard of in Preston so it's fab that they could cater to us, but all I heard everyone saying all night was that the Mac n' Cheese balls were amazing and it made me want to try them! 

It's so easy to make vegan mac n' cheese (vegan versions of everything really) for less money with less ingredients, so I hope that they can expand their cruelty-free options a little more now they've taken the dive. 

The least flattering lighting ever

The decorations and overall vibe of SoLita was so up my street. Slightly rebellious, yet cosy and atmospheric with dimmed lights and beautiful neon typography. If any restaurant could be described as 'Instagrammable', it's this one. I loved the 'Don't grow up, it's a trap' sign and the angel wings were too cool not to take a photo of. Can we put these in my house, now, please?

However, this was the public part of the restaurant and just a little more of this kick-ass cool eating atmosphere in the private room would be the cherry on top of a wonderful dining experience. A really nice touch was the customer photos above the bar in the main restaurant, taken on a mini polaroid camera! I'll have to get in on the action next time as some of them were pretty funny. 

I'll totally be visiting SoLita's again someday, until then I'll be keeping an eye on the menu for more vegan options (and their social media a certain mouth-watering vegan burger recipe). *wink wink*

Have you ever been to SoLita? Where's your favourite place to eat out?


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