Summer Beauty Essentials Under £10

Great Scott, it's August tomorrow! We need to go back to June! I just got home for summer and it feels like only days away until Leeds festival, then back to university. Anyone else not ready for summer to end?

This month has been great for my beauty box (we all have a desk drawer or storage box filled with misc products, right?) with Studio 10 sending over their colour correction palette, which I've been using every day and some new Kylie Lip Kits to play with. What I've been really excited to show you are these summer essentials! 

Kudos to these guys for getting me through July's mini heatwave, a dry skin spell and bad eyebrow days.

Avon Gentle Aloe Light Cream: £2 now 75p (limited offer?)
I ordered this only a week or two ago while my skin was so dry. I rarely get dry or rough skin on my face but kicking up the dust while moving house and the heatwave made me worse for wear. This cream has SAVED ME. 

I apply a blueberry-sized amount at night after removing make-up and in the morning before I put my make-up on. Super light formula, none greasy and it doesn't make me break out. Retailing for 75p right now so I'm going to buy a few to stock up for winter! I'm the squirrel of beauty products hahaha.

I swear that July's tiny heatwave was enough to last the year for me. I love summer in small doses. Invisible deodorant is essential for those days where all you want to do it stick your arms in the air and let the breeze cool you down, even better if your pits smell like a fresh basket of laundry, thanks Dove.
Model Co Eye Define Eye Pencil: £11 (okay so this one isn't under £10, but I got it for £1 in Glamour Magazine this month)
This little crayon (which used to be twice the size) has helped me on my way to slay for the past month. One of my beauty vows for 2016 was to stop wearing winged eyeliner everyday- accomplished! I use this on my upper lash line and smudge outwards for a deep, everyday smoky look. It's so pigmented and creamy that occasionally I'll brush it through my brows for a natural tinted look.
We've all heard of dry shampoo, which sometimes leaves behind the smell of dirty hair or talc despite it being fragranced. Dry shampoo always makes my hair feel a little too dry, so I use this on my second and third day hair to restore that fresh washed scent. This smells incredible, restores shine and feels a little more rehydrated. I've actually received a few compliments on fragrance from people because of it!

Since being obsessed with matte lipsticks my lips have dried out super easily. I apply this before bed and sometimes during the day for rehydration. The best thing about Baby Lips is that they're all SPF. Intense care is SPF 20 to protect lips from sun damage! Always go for lipbalm with SPF in PLEASE. Hahaha. I can't see a point in one without protection!

Ideal Luminous Blush in Russett: £6.50
I've slowly become a blush lover since getting rid of my red hair around a year ago now. 'Russett' was intended for darker skin but this shade of pink was too gorgeous to pass up, and I think it goes well with the browns and pinks I wear on my eyes everyday. This really illuminates my face, stays on all day and it's super pigmented so you only need a little.
I've been using this soft lil thang for my brows and lash line. It glides really smoothly once wet and is the prettiest colour. My old brow and liner brush had gotten a little 'ratty' so it was time to swap it in for this, giving my brows good definition. I've also been using Anastasia Beverly Hills for my brows with this brush which works really well. 

The lipliner I'm wearing in the picture above is New Look's Pure Colour Mink Liner with Koko K by Kylie over the top, as well as the blush on my cheeks and moisturiser being the ones featured in this post! A tutorial will be up for this look soon!

P.S, if you want to order the Avon products, use the titled links and click 'direct delivery' at the checkout otherwise your order won't be accepted.

What are your summer essentials? Are there any brands you've been loving lately?
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