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Sometimes on my walks around the city I come across creatively brilliant things that I wish I'd thought of first and things I can't believe people have made with their own hands/heads. Bad Alice is one of these things that I wish I'd come up with first - a swap shop ran by two lovely girls, Hannah and Alice, where you can take your old clothes and trade them in for newer ones. SO GOOD, RIGHT?!

Recycled fashion is something a lot of people brush over for not looking as great as the current trends. Fashion bloggers like Lua from Le Happy have been blowing my mind with thrift store outfits and old tee's that complete vintage looks, it's hard for me to understand why they're not considered more by people on the hunt for new garms!

All the items are marked on arrival, rated on a scale of 1-5 so that you get back in quality what you put in. Fives are the best quality items, ones are the least (but even the number one items were gorgeous). 

I picked out a silk pink crop from the '1' pile which will go GORGEOUS with my new choker for fall, a long sleeved jumper from the Bad Alice basics and a gorgeous pink lace dress from the '5' rail. Expect to see an OOTD here soon! My last #ootd was a little while ago at a time when it was sweltering hot! My style has definitely shaped itself to fit the cold days of Autumn already.

All of the items have a tag on, a little envelope with something inside but mine came off my parcel while I carried it around town so I never got to open it! I'm such a sucker for novelty things like that too so I was gutted when I got home and it had gone! I guess I'll never know what was inside.

Instead of using plastic bags, the gals wrap up your clothes in a brown paper parcel complete with string and sequins while you browse the rest of the rails or grab a coffee. Sustainable af.

Did I mention that the other side of the store is a coffee shop?

There's menswear on the rails at Bad Alice too, but no where near as much as there was women's clothes. I believe a lot of the original Bad Alice clothes belonged to the gals who set up the shop (and a bag-full on my part), but men are getting on board too and the shop is sourcing awesome vintage items for their buyers for future pop-ups.

Fluffy shoes are popular with brands like Public Desire at the mo, I thought these were so cute and would be gorgeous around Christmas. I've had my eye on a few jumper dresses like the ones below for a while too so was temped to take one home but went with the lace dress instead. 

Nothing beats friendly vibes in a shop and this was the ultimate. Hannah and Alice were so helpful (when Alice had a free hand!) and for two young Girl Bosses to be running their own shop from scratch is amazing. 

I found a vintage mans baseball tee that Alex would have looked so cute in but it was too big. Low key regretting not grabbing it for myself to chill around the house in. 

Being a pop up shop it's easy for the gals of Bad Alice to relocate to pretty much wherever they like which I love about this. Tour, tour tour!

It's something different, a new way of getting a new wardrobe that isn't just buying out of the high street shops or charity shops (although charity shops have some awesome finds, like these Jeffrey Campbell's I got for £8 instead of £105!). 

The dress I got was an absolute steal as I literally just had to get a bag together of my old clothes and trade them in. Hopefully some lovely people will find a good use for them! Wearing them, cutting them up and making new clothes, whatever. I'm just happy I have a few new pieces for my wardrobe. It needed replenishing more than a lukewarm cup of tea on a cold day. 

Bad Alice's next pop up shop is on the 29th October in Preston only a few weeks away! I'll be at the Blogger Halloween Party so won't be able to make it but there's a 100% chance that my old wardrobe will be getting exiled to Bad Alice at the next opening. See ya, old threads.  

What do you think of this idea? If you want Bad Alice to set up somewhere near you, leave a comment and they can check it out!

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