6 Ways to Make Cold Mornings Easier ❄️

I'm a little dumfounded about how it's October already. It feels like yesterday that I was at Leeds festival, waking up in a hot tent every morning! As much as I loooooove summer, I'll take a blanket, hot drink and a warm bed over sweaty mornings and a warm breeze any day. 

If you ever need me on an Autumn/Winter's morning, that's where I'll most likely be! Tucked up in my bed sanctuary with all of those things. Obviously having a glorious bed makes actually getting up on cold mornings one of the most gruelling tasks of the day (but it's never as bad once you're up and about), so here's how you can make them a little easier:

Set your alarm earlier (wait for it)
If you have a little space heater or fan heater, set your alarm a little earlier and switch it on to heat up the room. Go back to sleep until your real alarm and when you wake up, you won't have to get dressed in an igloo.

Have a hot breakfast
Try porridge or something more exciting, spruce it up with hot apple and cinnamon or treat yourself to a big latte when you wake up. The caffeine will help you wake up too!

Get dressed under the duvet
Ain't nothing wrong with getting dressed and doing your make-up in bed. If that's what's gonna help you get to class or work in the morning then do it!

Have a shower when you wake up
I feel like we've all almost fallen asleep in our morning shower at some point, though if the shower is long enough it might help to wake you up (and how cold the room is when you step out sure will if the shower doesn't).

Get a friend call you
If your a serial snoozer like I am and you have a friend who needs to be awake at the same time as you, call each other. A morning chat can also put you in a good mood for the rest of the day! I live with gals on the same course as me right now so I'm sure there will be some banging on each other's doors this year.

Have something to look forward to
If you're about to attend a particularly gruelling meeting, go somewhere great first. Do something you enjoy before hand whether that's a morning jog or eating the worlds biggest breakfast. Just don't lie in, sorry!

How do you manage on cold mornings? Is your routine different in winter? 

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