07 October 2016

New Bedroom Tour 💐

Sarah's desk, flowers from Blossoming Gifts

Hello everyone! It's been a long while since the last catch up, and again so much has happened and is happening so this post may end up being a little rambly. In my last 'life lately' type post, I'd just moved out of my old place to head home for summer after starting up blogging properly again.

Officially, I'm in the new place with my boyfriend and two friends now (sat here with no make-up and my hair in a towel full of hair dye) and it's beautiful. Small, but beautiful and much more homely than the last house. My room is probably the same size but all of my furniture is lighter and wooden, giving a happier vibe in the place.

Desk flatlay with flowers

Blossoming Gifts flowers

Noticeboard with photos and patches

Dreamcatcher with feathers on

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that not having light in a room drives me cray so it's nice here now that my bedroom gets sun in the morning- something that for some reason makes me want to get up and do something with the day.

On top of that, my third and final year of university began this week. I've been dreading it in all honesty but trying to tell myself that I'll feel much more inspired once I'm back in my routine next week. Slowly, throughout this year illustration has taken a back seat in my identity, talked about in this post.

I'm not entirely sure why and it isn't a bad thing. I still love to draw and create but giving myself time to learn new skills and personal push boundaries in my own way this summer has been an incredible, amazing learning curve.

Blossoming Gifts flowers, stack of books

Full length mirror and flowery coffee cup

tv screen on a fireplace and tiger art

At first it worried me because usually by this time in the year I have a million doodle ideas running around in my head and a few projects on the go but this past summer my 'project' has been blogging. Something I've also fallen in love with, which has let me meet so many new friends!!

october calendar and autumnal fllowers

The gorgeous flowers in this photo were sent to me by Blossoming Gifts, possibly the most beautiful PR gift ever! I love plants to brighten up rented spaces (as we can't really put things on the walls, naughty), they bring such colour and light to the place! How Autumnal is this bunch?! It matches my copper fairy lights which were about £2.99 from The Range. I would haul that whole shop if I could, I swear.

Since this is my house at University, I also like to keep a few pictures of my friends, pup and family on the pin board above my workplace. It's lovely to look up and have a reminder of all things good when that essay deadline is looming!

noticeboard filled with photos of family and friends

polaroid of friends on a cork  noticeboard

skull painted with mandalas and candle on fireplace

macbook on a bed

copper leaf fairy lights

macbook on a bed

My bed is the comfiest thing when I'm sleepy and although I still haven't gotten my hands on some blogger white bedding, this flocked cotton duvet is a godsend.

In collaboration with Blossoming Gifts, I'm giving away a beautiful bouquet of flowers to one of you. I can't wait to see mine in full bloom and will be sure to post pictures on Instagram when they are!

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is enter here. Competition closes 21/10/2016 at 00:00 and the winner will be tagged and announced on my Twitter on the 22nd! If you don't want to win them for yourself you can always enter and send them to a friend or relative in need of a little cheering up.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Keep your fingers crossed for me this last year of uni! So far I'm keeping up the balance of blogging and uni work really well, but I feel like it's too easy and that I'm totally missing something haha. Good luck with your entries!

How do you like to decorate your personal space? If you know of any posts like this I'd love to see them! (so nosey)
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