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Samii Ryan along with Ellis Cooper, Elizabeth Isley, Mary Rosenberg and Alysha Nett to name a few, is one of my favourite bad ass gals to follow on Instagram. Beginning as a model, her experience with modern, alternative fashion and love of the industry has lead Samii to follow her dreams of creating her own jewellery and accessory line, BY SAMII RYAN

I love everything this brand puts out, from the design of the website to the products and the way they're marketed. All of Samii's pieces are unique, handcrafted, sophisticated and elegant while still screaming badass.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, lately I've become more confident in myself and along with that has come the confidence to wear whatever the hell I want and be okay with the fact that not everyone will like it.

I paired my burnt orange choker with a simple tie top and because the day was particularly chill, jeans and lace orange suspenders from ASOS to add that side of gal that By Samii Ryan puts across! The lace was a nice contrast to the suede and the colour orange might just be my favourite at the mo.

SHOP THE LOOK: Lace Suspenders // Orange Choker // Black Jeans // Tie Top (not online)

By Samii Ryan does way more styles and colours, some of my favourites being the ones above. These pieces are all such high quality and feel really durable. Just don't wear them in the shower! 

I can't wait to see more from Samii, and her brand is one that's given me some ideas for the branding of my final project this year!

I decided since the response to this post on my Ubud painting was so lovely, I'll be posting more of my art on here and maybe open up commissions again (if I can balance everything!). Keep your peepers peeled for exciting things in the future!

Speaking of exciting things, have you told Blogosphere Magazine that you like my blog?! I'm on the 'shortlist' for their In the Spotlight feature this season and if you let them know, I could be featured in the magazine! This would be a DREEEEEAM (so if you like my blog go tell them in the comments)! 

For 10% off at BY SAMII RYAN, use the code 'SARAH10' Let me know what you buy!!
What are your favourite independent brands? 

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Drop me a line! I really appreciate all comments and reading them makes me so happy. I try to leave as many back as possible! BY SAMII RYAN did not sponsor this post but kindly provided a discount code for readers of TSS. Use it as many times as you like! :) 

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