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I've decided to sort out a blog schedule, so from now on (all being well) you guys will get an easy-going post on a Sunday. A dedicated time for the not-so-serious topics and a place to share the love! 

It seems that this year more than at any point in my life, I've been getting involved on social media, watching people grow while learning things about people and places I never would've seen otherwise. Our beloved internet is saturated in amazing content, so here's some of the blogs and vloggers I've been loving lately. 

Rihanna is lifestyle blogger who's blog I've been reading probably too much of. She's lovely, funny and her personality always comes through in all of her posts. As a bonus she vlogs too! I'm all about seeing the face behind the writing at the moment.

I've been obsessed with this gals Youtube for a couple of months now for how chatty and hilarious she is. Katrin knows no boundaries and is brutally honest about everything. She also has a cute dog called Rascal who makes an appearance in her vlogs and even has his own Instagram.

Llana is a friend I made in the two years I was at college, who recently started blogging! I'm not sharing this because she's my friend but because her blog is beautiful. She writes about her travels, style, society's issues, loves interior design and takes absolutely stunning photos. Definitely go check her out.

Holly's blog is full of fashion, Funkos and pure unadulterated honesty. She touches on issues regarding sex, feminism and fantasy too which I've not seen a lot of bloggers do, things that others might be scared to touch on. I love a blog that teaches me a few new things so Holly's blog is perfect!

I've followed Gabb for a couple of years now and her vlogging channel has taken over as a favourite from Zoella at the moment; she posts more regularly than Zoe, though I'm still a sucker for Zoella when she does post. Gabriella's humour and purrrrfect (see what I did there) kitty Nellie make me laugh. 

I've noticed while going through my favourite bloggers and vloggers lately that I don't really follow any males! This isn't on purpose I swear haha, so if you're a male reader or know of any awesome dudes with blogs then drop me a link below. 
Who's blog have you been reading a lot lately?
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