Easy Everyday Colour Correct Tutorial

Whether it's for a big night out or everyday use, I've fallen in love with colour correcting and I'm not even ashamed. About a week ago I showed you guys the new palette I've been obsessing over by Studio 10. Y'know the one with the colour correctors and primer in it. Honestly I feel naked without it on already for one reason. It hides alllllllll my flaws. Colour correction works by using the opposite colour on the colour wheel to neutralise any redness, uneven tone or blue under eye bags you might have.

You can get palettes with a wider range of colours in but this one is simple, and does the trick. Here's what you need to know:
Start with clean skin. Wash last nights cack off and start again, you'll thank yourself for it, then apply your choice of primer. For this I used the primer included in the palette which glides on like a dream!
Oooooh look at those bags and uneven skin tone. Hot I know
Once you're primed, take the orange or yellow shade (depending on your skin tone and how bad your bags are) and apply it to your under eye area. I like to use my finger for this because I can pick up more product on it than a sponge.

Apply the blue shade to any areas of redness. For me, this is my cheeks, next to my nostrils and around the bottom of my mouth. You can also apply a little to blemishes before concealer to perfectly hide them away!
Once this is done you can use a damp Beauty Blender to blend it into your skin. Battle those blemishes guuuurl! I like to set it at this point, so even after putting my usual base on top it stays. The swatches I took from this palette in my review stayed on my arm for a day afterwards and tinted the skin (not in a blindingly obvious way) which was super impressive!

You can then apply concealer and blend which will help hold it all together, and really erase those unwanted skin tones.
No foundation here! So much more even than the second picture in the post

Once this is done you can move on to your regular base make-up if you like. I almost didn't as I didn't want heavy make-up this day, so instead used a light foundation and setting powder with a little bronze and highlight. I swear by colour correcting at the moment. Any #fotd just isn't complete without it!

Et fini. So that's how I do my everyday colour correct. Don't you think it makes a difference? Who'd have thought that putting bright blue on your skin would actually make your skin look closer to flawless. If you have any other ways of colour correcting or can recommend a wider palette then let me know!

What are your secrets to hiding uneven skin tone?
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