07 July 2016

💞 5 Tips for Moving in With a Partner

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I'm sitting here writing blog posts while my boyfriend plays his computer games on high volume, like we do on most of his days off! It's sometimes thought to be the kiss of death in a relationship, (other than getting your partners name tattooed, grim) moving in with your other half is considered a huge step. 

Pssh. What haven't cheesy rom-coms taught us? Cosy nights on the sofa, days off and breakfast together everyday sound like a dream, but how do you know it's going to work out? From experience, living with someone you love isn't quite as make or break as everyone claims, theres a lot more to it. 

There's arguments over tiny things that you'd never have argued about before. There are times when you'd rather be alone than be up in each others grills for the day.

But there are also times when you're excited to simply wake up and fall asleep next to each other, ya feel?! It's a mixed bag.

From experience, I feel the key to living with a partner isn't in the length of time you've been together, but the tolerance and understanding you have in your relationship. If you or your other half get irritated easily, make sure you know never to fire shots at one another over something that isn't their fault (who wants to live with an asshole) and understand what you don't like about each other before you move in. If you talk about things- the way he grinds his teeth, the way you leave hair pins wherever you go, it makes it easier to be conscious of when you're doing these things that might build up.
Make time for yourself, so that they can have alone time too! When you move in together you don't automatically merge into some two headed human creature! You need to be able to kick back and do what you want every now and again, for crazies sakes. If I'm not sure how my boyfriend is feeling I'll always ask if he wants to hang out, instead of just assuming that he wants me around all the time because we live together. There's a balance, see?

A mix of your decor and his doesn't do any harm either. Here's some tips on livening up a rented place to make it feel like your own.

You also have to both accept that some days you're going to be irritable, busy or tired. This doesn't mean that you love each other any less just because every minute together isn't a date! Uh-huh.

Living with a partner is making them your best friend. You have to be willing to compromise- they put up with your little quirks, behaviours, ugly-cry face (we all have one), totally not funny jokes and lame tidying up skills- you can put up with theirs too! Take it in turns doing the gruelling tasks of the house or however you fall into getting along. No matter how your day has been, knowing that they're there at the end of the day is a freakin' LOVELY feeling. 

To put it simply, you can't live in one another's pockets and survive. Or maybe you can; maybe your relationship is the rom-com where the lead characters walks away as explosions burst behind them. if so then good for you! Living together certainly won't fix any issues your relationship has, it will however amplify everything. The good and the bad 
Philppa Rice, Soppy (one of my favourite artist books!)

For me, living with the guy I love has been awesome, so awesome that we've agreed to hang out permanently next year too. I'll let you know how long he puts up with me for and if any of these tips helped haha. I hope this post has helped you or made you think about new things; it really is unique to your relationship how living together plans out so just talk about it with each other,

Oh and remember, just because you're moving in together doesn't mean you have to get married and have babies! It's a big step, but not actually as scary as it feels.

Are you living with someone? What's your advice? I love reading and replying to comments so drop me a line!
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